Prices & Services

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Massage Services

Each massage session is tailored to address your individual needs. Prior to each massage, Katie will discuss your goals and desires for the treatment session; then, based on your health history and current concerns, Katie composes a unique massage session by incorporating a variety of massage techniques to most effectively promote your health and wellbeing. Here is a listing of some of the techniques and modalities, which Katie can incorporate into a therapeutic session:

Special Massage Services

Mother & Baby Postpartum Massage is a perfect option for a new mother who need some post-natal massage nurturing, but is not quite ready to be separated from her newborn. During this session, baby is welcome to come into the treatment room. Often babies will sleep throughout the entire session, but if they awake, moms are positioned to accommodate nursing or cuddling. This flexible session is crafted gently to encourage healing, relaxation, and mother-baby bonding. If baby is amenable, sometimes Infant Massage can also be incorporated into the session. A Mother & Baby Massage is scheduled with additional time to allow for a relaxed pace, and access to the treatment room for pre or post massage breastfeeding or babycare. $80

Infant Massage is a wonderful way to relax, relieve, and bond with your baby. An Infant Massage session with Katie is a calm and intimate treatment for parents to learn the basics for creating a massage ritual with baby at home. For each 60 minute Infant Massage session, a unique series of strokes to meet your baby’s needs are developed. All of the techniques will be demonstrated, with time for the parents to practice. Perhaps the most important aspect of massage for infants is the keen observation of the baby’s cues. If baby sends the message that he or she would prefer to forgo massage during the session, a doll will be used to demonstrate the strokes. $45 private session for baby and parents